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The penis enlargement industry has become Mx Male Enhancement Review  a multi-million dollar business, though most of its "scientific" claims rely on fictional claims. After a thorough analysis of ten major male enhancement products, it is apparent that the only scientifically sound concept among them is that involving something called suprapubic fat.What is suprapubic fat? It is a fatty deposit at the base of the penis. All men have it, and it fattens with age.

What does suprapubic fat have to do with penis enlargement? Up to one third of the penile shaft is buried in the suprapubic fat. Burn away the fat, and you can enlarge your penis-though you're not actually enlarging; you're just making visible what was formerly invisible. A 2006 comparative study in the scholarly journal Sexologies confirms that the penis is partially buried in the suprapubic fat pad.But I exercise. Doesn't that get rid of my suprapubic fat? No. It's in an awkward spot-one that normal exercises can't target.

So how do I get rid of my sup fat, then? Find a penis enlargement site or product that emphasizes the importance of targeting this fat. Avoid sites or products that emphasize stretching the spongy chambers of the penis. This is pure fiction. Look for penis enlargement sites that offer exercises that target the penis in tandem with lower abs, gluts, hips, waistline, and pelvis.It's amazing how many male enhancement sites and products fail to mention the sup fat pad! In its place are childish explanations for why their products work. Usually what they boil down to is stretching the penis, therefore stretching the aforementioned spongy chambers.

Through the years males have been equally conscious with females when it comes to their body. One of the major concerns of most men when it comes to their body is the penis size as well as how to grow their genitals effectively.It is already a common knowledge that women's sexual satisfaction is fully achieved if men have a bigger penis. This prompted men to find the fastest penis enhancement. This also gave way to companies to take action by making and introducing products that may give men what they have been wishing for so long. Along with the rise of male consciousness, sexual enhancers have also risen.