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AlisaSophia Mar 16

I remember being an early adopter of the  No-BS Manifesting Course  technology as a user, dialling in through my phone line, but how things have changed with massive amounts of data now being transmitted globally to every corner of the Earth via phone lines, cable, satellite and any other way the engineers deem fit, and if another option is possible, they will find it. If you want something, a simple search can often put you in touch with someone who supplies the product or service, and it can even detect where you are requesting this from so it will tell you who supplies this within a given radius of where you live.

The problem with the massive explosion in this field is something around marginalisation, and how the terminology that was once reserved for the technically gifted has now leaked into the lives of people who genuinely have something to sell in this space. If you want to sell something from a shop, you will search for premises that have the footfall that you require of the correct demographic make up ie. you wouldn't put a London memorabilia shop in Brixham, and you would negotiate lease terms or buy the property that suits your needs.

This is much more difficult in the internet arena due to so called "GURUS" having mastered the way of manipulating the traffic to their sites above anyone else, whether they carry a relevance to the search or not, but now, there seems to be a growing band of internet marketers who are striking back, and this is being done with quality content created for people who want to learn.

If you want to learn about becoming an internet marketer, where's the problem in learning from someones real life experiences laid out in a blog, warts and all, for people to follow rather than paying out $49 for the latest traffic grabbing secrets that earn someone $xxxxx per month from the beach, when all you end up doing is becoming a sales statistic in an email campaign.