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You will have batwings and droopy  The Red Tea Detox Review skin over bone, instead of firm skin over muscle. You can change this by building muscle around your arms. Start a strength training program that emphasizes building, toning and defining muscle in your arms. That will get rid of the droopy skin and batwings quickly. Burn Fat The Right Way If you only work the muscle and don't burn the fat, no one will ever notice. 

You must get rid of that layer of fat around your arms first for them to stand out. You cannot do this by spending tons of time on the bike or cardio workouts because you aren't building muscle. You can't do this by just doing arm workouts either. You must have a routine of cardio and strength training to get the results you deserve, and build the rest of your body in the process.

Raise Your Metabolism Is The Key To Maintaining Sexy Arms You can lose the fat around your arms and build your muscles using the methods above, however without keeping your metabolism high, you will have a hard time maintaining them. You must increase your metabolism to keep off the extra fat that can easily build up around your arms. Even a few pounds extra will show up on your arms very quickly.

So what do you do? You get into a program that burns fat, increases your metabolism and builds muscle at the same time; while putting emphasis on your arms to bring out maximum definition and sculpting. Any program that can accomplish are three of these important work out strategies will also allow you to take care of the rest of your body as well. Your abs and butt will be tremendously affected by this program. You will not neglect any part of your body while building sexier arms.