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Princy William Apr 25 '19

Electronic Acupuncture and Arthritis Pain  Arctic Blast Review Arthritis is typically caused by inflammation in the joints as well as surrounding soft tissues. This inflammation is a response by your body's immune system to a host of factors such as infection, injury, heredity factors, general wear and tear from aging and even your lifestyle and environment. If you experience arthritis pain, you probably have taken traditional anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids or even participated in physical therapy.

You can self-treat at home with an electronic acupuncture device. Acupuncture can provide arthritis pain relief by boosting your endorphins, the chemicals that block pain. Delivering electromagnetic wave impulses into specific acupoints in the hand and palm stimulates the nerves and tissues which then send a message to your spinal cord and brain to release the endorphins. In addition to the release of pain-blocking endorphins, electronic acupuncture can also restore better blood flow to those arthritis-prone areas. Better blood flow boosts oxygen levels, a plus for stimulating healing and easing discomfort. By unblocking the energy channels, you gain a feeling of well-being.

In our life, we suffer from physical pain one day or another. It is a most unpleasant sensation that is caused by damaged tissues or nerves. Many people overlook body pain, treating it as temporary discomfort. However, if the pain is not treated timely and properly, it can significantly impede the general functioning of the body.Some body pains subside while some aggravate slowly over time and should be treated medically. Given below are three common pain types that one must never ignore, and instead, seek immediate treatment under the supervision of a medical doctor or other healthcare provider.

I. Shoulder and neck pain: The shoulder and neck region is made of bones, muscles, ligaments, arteries, veins, nerves and other supporting structures. Therefore, there are several conditions that can lead to pain in the shoulder and neck area. Most often, shoulder and neck pain is caused due to injury to the soft tissues like ligament and tendons while some is the result of disorders in tissues like whiplash, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerve or herniated disc. Pain in the shoulder and neck is often due to constant stress or pressure on the muscles that can result in the overloading of the blood vessels. Hence, even a slight pain in a concerned area should never be overlooked.

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