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freemexy Jul 30 '19
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Pliers, trash bag, rubber gloves, razor blade, super glue or packing tape, and rags/paper towels.

Step 1 –
Open the door underneath the output tray of the Xerox Versalink to reveal the waste toner container.
Step 2:
Remove the waste toner container and place it in the plastic bag
Step 3:
Use pliers and remove the white plug.
Step 4:
Place Waste Toner Container in sealed bag and empty.
Do your best to temporary seal the bag, so no toner dust fills the air.
Now Gently Shake the whole Xerox waste toner container.
Continue gently shaking until most of the powder has stopped falling.
Step 5:
Allow waste toner container to rest for a minute to settle dust.
Step 6:
Re-insert White Plug
Upon reopening the bag you will need to use those rubber gloves and rags to wipe up any excess toner that has touched the outside of the waste toner container. Afterwards, you will need to re-insert the plug that was removed. (Tape may be required to hold the cap in place.)
Step 7:
Remove and clean clean plastic sensor window.
After the waste toner has been emptied, you will need to clean the sensor that the Versalink checks to see if it is full or not. The Sensor looks inside of the clear plastic square to check the waste toner containers level.