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freemexy Jul 30 '19
Werner Sandten * is worried about his business existence. “Since the Chinese low-cost suppliers flood Amazon, we sell virtually nothing,” he says. Soon his whole industry could go broke, “one after another”. The legislature must finally ensure fair competition. “But apparently nobody wants to mess with Amazon.”Toner Chips for Photo Copiers

Some days ago someone dared to do it. The German shoe manufacturer Birkenstock announced the cooperation of the world’s largest online retailer . His allegation: Amazon does not do enough to counter product counterfeiting. Apparently, the platform in Neustadt, Rhineland-Palatinate, has become more of a threat than an opportunity. And with this view, Birkenstock is not alone.

Werner Sandten is the boss of a manufacturer of alternative printer cartridges. These self-building, which do not infringe any patents, are with the devices of Epson, Canon Show chart or HP Show chart compatible, but usually cost only a third to half as much as original cartridges. The success of the business model has been a sign of business in German cities for many years. These are names such as toner dumping, Druckmal or Dr. Ing. Fill replicas and refill.

Between alternative cartridge producers such as Pelikan, Edding or Peach and the original manufacturers, there were always friction. Processes were brought against each other or cartridges with special chips were used to make the use of legal alternative products impossible. On the whole, however, both groups existed side by side.
Meanwhile, however, a third group pushes brute in the market: Chinese vendors who copy cartridges – to sell them on platforms such as Amazon or Ebay at trickle prices. Many companies started as suppliers to Western manufacturers before becoming their competitors. Meanwhile, according to official figures alone in the southern Chinese port city of Zhuhai about 60 percent of all alternative printer cartridges and 35 percent of all refilled toner cartridges are produced worldwide.

“Many of these sellers are not playing fair,” says Charles Brewer of the print-market analysis firm Actionable Intelligence. “That’s a real problem.” The cartridges from China are for the most part one-to-one replicas of the original products, Brewer also referred to as “clones”. The manufacturers do not care about existing patents.