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Realm Royale, royale shooter from Paladins, and Smite developer, Hi-Rez, appear to have lost the player's interest in the two months since it was released. Realm Royale enters Steam Early Access on June 5. Right outside the gate, the game was not very popular, attracting less than 5,000 concurrent players every day on Steam. Some Twitch ribbons pick it up, however, during the launch week - including Ninja, Shroud and many others. This caused the numbers to jump away, and allowed Realm Royale to reach the top of more than 100,000 players, according to an analysis by Githyp.

In less than two months, the number of Realm Royale players simultaneously dropped to an average of 5,000, marking a 95% decline from its peak during the summer. This decline continues until Autumn until, just like that, the game has been abandoned by fans of battle for the sake of new and old experiences. But Hi-Rez, whose twin pillars Smite and Paladins continue to enjoy a healthy audience, is not ready to give up there. If you don't wanna waste time finding Realm Royale Crowns, provides Cheap Realm Royale Top Up for you. With a coupon code "MMOCSVIP", you can enjoy 3% off.

This is a familiar story at this time: Last year, Boss Key Law Breakers failed to find an audience after launching behind PUBG's huge popularity, and the studio's attempt to join the trend of battle royale with Radical Heights proved too little, too late to save Key Boss from closing the door. As Fortnite has faded PUBG in popularity, the studio jumping into battle royale found it difficult to attract and retain players.

Realm Royale introduces some completely new ideas to the battle royale format, but it comes with a series of problems of its own. Changes to the balance in ability and class weapons have produced long time-to-kill statistics for Realm Royale, and new players are frustrated by how firearms end up feeling helpless.