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freemexy Aug 16 '19

It is now official. The Dodgers’ deal with Time Warner Cable, which This Space discussed in Sunday’s column, was announced Monday, and while the terms were not announced, between $7 billion and $8 billion over 25 years starting in 2014 seems to be the consensus.

(Also, a subscriber fee of $9 to carry both SportsNet LA, the new Dodgers’ channel, and the existing TWC SportsNet and Deportes outlets for the Lakers and Galaxy is apparently being floated . and won’t that thrill DirecTV, Dish Network, and all of those cable providers who aren’t named Time Warner when the time comes for channel placement next spring.)Dianabol powder

Essentially, Guggenheim Baseball the Dodgers’ ownership group has created a new entity, American Media Productions LLC, which will run the network. Time Warner will handle advertising and affiliate sales and will have “certain branding and programming rights” in addition to being the charter distributor throughout Southern California and Hawaii, according to Monday morning’s release (see below).

Most reports are indicating there will not be a special Spanish channel for the Dodgers, which would suggest that TWC’s Deportes channel will handle Dodgers’ Spanish programming as well as that of the Lakers and Galaxy.

One bottom line besides, of course, the $7 billion to $8 billion is that the Dodgers will control content to a degree they haven’t during their relationships with Fox Sports’ Prime Ticket and with KCAL/Channel 9, both of which will last through the end of the 2013 season. (That could become more of a factor going forward, as we examine a few paragraphs down.)

The catch is that Major League Baseball still has to sign off on this agreement. You can rest assured Bud Selig’s people will be going over this contract carefully, since the establishment of a new network supposedly involving more risk for the team and less guaranteed revenue is primarily designed to shield money from baseball’s profit sharing process.

Again, is this potentially a tipping point in the relationship between cable/satellite providers and sports entities? That’s the initial take in many quarters, although as was noted in The Column, University of Michigan sports economics professor Rodney Fort thinks we have a long way to go before we reach that point.

There may in fact be a subtle change happening in the relationship, with the programming provider ultimately dictating terms and now, with the Dodgers creating an entity to run the network, exercising even Oxandrolone For Sale Powder more control.

“We should take a step back and wonder, what do the producers of the original programming source see down the horizon, and what are they thinking about?” Fort said, using the Big Ten Network as an example.

Back in the day, the teams and leagues got the money and ABC or ESPN would Dianabol Australia Price roll into town and Boldenone Acetate Reddit,Anadrol 50 Cycle,Buy Methandienone Dianabol produce the product. Now, Fort said, “the universities are producing the signal. It’s their equipment, their production staff. I think this is the revolution, because the Big Ten Network says that now there’s a whole variety of ways we can sell this signal.”