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freemexy Jul 17
When you are playing World of Warcraft Classic, if someone sends an email and forces you to change the name of your WOW account for some reason, what would you do? This really happened to some players of WOW Classic, in fact, when the developer Blizzard sent the email and deliver the announcement, the players didn't even know that was happening before except that they were told "using inappropriate names".To get more news about Buy WoW Gold Safe, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.

There is not only one guild to receive such an email from Blizzard, here is what happened.

A few days ago, a guild of WOW Classic named Make Azeroth Great Again was notified twice by Blizzard to change its name from Blizzard, and it also explained that it did so because of some reports of some players, but it did not give a detailed and reasonable explanation to the guild.

The owner of the guild was not willing to change the name, but another Blizzard Game Master sent an email confirming that the name should not be changed, and changing it to the original one, Make Azeroth Great again.

However, it didn't take long that the guild was forced to change its name again by Blizzard because of a similar vague reason, which made the guild very disappointed. As the loyal fans of WOW Classic, the guild name did not break any rule or terms of Blizzard, but it is forced to change it for unclear reasons several times, it was like a prank, or just a few tricks.

The members of the guild said that they would not play WOW Classic or other games of Blizzard any more, they were very angry, but Blizzard still gave no explanation.

Before that, Blizzard also forced to change the name of another guild named GAY BOYS because of "Guild ZFXPK", I am so sorry, I can not understand what this abbreviation means, and the account of this guild is frozen.

Probably the name is discriminated against by some people in the society. You know, there is always someone who likes to look at others with colored-glasses. This is why they report the name of the guild to Blizzard.

This also reflects a problem, Blizzard is not perfect to manage in this aspect, as we mentioned above, different management rules for the name of guild are different, and some legitimate names are published because of the malicious reports, they are forced to change names, to be honest, this is unfair to some guilds or players.

World of Warcraft Classic is such an attractive game, it should not be affected by Blizzard's certain behaviors, which are unwilling to be seen by fans of WOW Classic, because we are really playing the game, not just creating names.