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Olivia Sep 16

Sometimes it can be difficult to find good beginner poker tips in 2020 online. After all, there is such a huge amount of information out there these days that it can be difficult to even know where to begin.

But starting out the right way in this game is crucially important. If you develop bad habits early on, this could harm your play, and more importantly your results, for a long time to come. 
So in this article I am going to discuss my top 14 beginner poker tips for new poker players. Let's get started!

1. Be Selective With the Hands You Play
It is very important for poker beginners to keep it relatively tight. This means that you only want to be playing decently good hands. What do I mean by "decently good hands?"
Well as a rough rule of thumb here is what I suggest for 6 person and 9 person cash games:

  • 6max - The top 20% of hands
  • Full Ring - The top 15% of hands

Here is a rough visualization of what the top 20% and 15% of hands look like. All hands that are marked in yellow are the ones we want to play.

KorioMazer Sep 16
Thanks for sharing this. I didn't know there was such a simple scheme now. I usually only play online. Here is my favorite site  - I have been looking for a casino that will play fair with me for a long time and I am glad I found it. I am in no hurry to make big bets as I understand that my level is not high enough for such a game. For now, I'm just practicing and enjoying it.