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Mukesh Nov 26 '16

Your child was most likely tested at birth using newborn screening. It is possible that he or she needed to Rejuven 360 be retested, but at the retesting was found to hear fine. After the newborn screening, you will be seeing your baby grow so quickly. During this time it is important to watch for issues with his or her ability to hear. Around two or three it is a good idea to have your child's ears checked again. Finding problems early will help your child to develop properly.Newborn screening has not always been done. It might be that you have a junior higher or high school student that struggles in school. Maybe you have never had your child get the in-school tests, or perhaps he or she just somehow missed them. Your child's hearing is probably not the first thing you would consider when grades go down, but it can be the issue.


If your child is struggling in school, a hearing test might be the next step. It could be that your child has a medical condition that is either keeping sound out or causing the nerve not to work correctly. If you have a concern, take them to an audiologist for a simple test. If nothing else, it will ease your mind on the matter.It is a good idea to talk to your child's teachers at every conference to make sure that they are not seeing any problems physically with your child. This could be that your child asks what constantly. It could be that the teacher sees him or her squinting at the board. These are signs that something is affecting the senses, and they might need help of some kind.

vathan Feb 23

Where Does All the Fat Go When You Shed Pounds?

One potential  problem APEX Body for vegetarians is that some cooked vegetarian dishes may actually contain a considerable amount of hidden calories.These hidden calories are found in cooking ingredients, and may result in excess calories which could cause weight gain.However, on balance you will probably find yourself eating a very healthy plant based diet that will give you the slim body we all desire.The main things to watch out for are processed foods. Even if they contain only plant based products, they can have an excess of sugar and many chemicals always found hiding in processed foods.Many vegetarians elect to prepare their food at home from carefully selected items, so they are not subjected to undesirable chemicals.If you happen to have a problem with high cholesterol, or high blood pressure, your vegetarian diet will soon take care of these health problem due to the low fat that is inherent in most plant based dishes.Common sense suggests, and research has shown that populations that have primarily a plant based diet exhibit lower incidence of high blood pressure, or diabetes. Even heart disease is less prevalent among them.If your main interest in a vegetarian lifestyle is for weight concerns, the prevalence of fresh vegetables and fresh fruit in your meals will result in loss of excess weight, without feeling hungry.Another plus factor is that you will most likely feel better, both physically and mentally. Your digestive system will function more efficiently, and this alone will give you a feeling of well being.So long as you are moderately careful in your choice of plant based foods, and especially if you eat as much raw vegetables and fruit as you can enjoy, you will find great benefits in your vegetarian lifestyle.For some time I have been keenly interested in weight loss. A few years ago I discovered that the foods you eat are a key factor in weight loss.If you select the right foods, you do not need to count calories. The excess body fat just melts away. Seven plus years ago, I lost 75 pounds of body fat in 6 months, by eating the right foods.


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vathan Feb 25

As a fitness freak, Memory Hack I feel today's mechanized life has necessitated us to stick on healthy diet and sweat out for a while. You don't have to burn money on weight loss programs or on pricey fitness centres. A simple exercise like walking daily will do enough to keep you fit. In my further articles, I will unleash more regimens to attain perfection in your body.The World Health Organization defines mental health as "a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community"

There is no concrete definition ascribe to the word mental health but according to the design of the soul, this statement fits the profile for the souls increase, which God testifies to (Matt 22:37-39). The soul was made by God to increase itself through the expression of faith (love God) and charity (love thy neighbor).Subconsciously man understands the design and function of the soul but can't be productive with it without the knowledge of God. This is where the term "honest living" comes from. You increase your self and others at the same time through your profession. You provide for yourself and carry society at the same time through your vocation, job or career.

Society measures mental health in this way but this is not the record which Jesus Christ set for life. It is acceptable to God to function in society by this definition (Luke 20:25), but an abomination to Him when this is the purpose and pleasure of your life. (John 12:25)(Revelation 4:11)If man can project his needs being met then he has rest and peace. As a society we think everything would be better for ourselves if we had a better job, more money, more friends, a better car, a wife, a husband etc. However in most cases these things are not a factor at all because the soul simply can't be filled with them. (John 4:13)(Matt 4:4) Further more we see both rich and poor unsatisfied with these things of the world when they try to increase with them, which results in extreme to moderate cases such as suicide and boredom. This is evidence of death which is a product of the law of sin.

Not only is this law (sin and death) incompatible with the soul but through it we dishonor God and destroy our neighbor through it's practice. Man replaced his faith with an aspiration (a power and likeness that rivals God) and charity with his principle (his own truths about that likeness and power) for a boast.


vathan Feb 26

Wild Edibles: Amaranth Aka Red Root Pig-Weed

 My first impression  Combat Shooter System of the Recon 1 is that it has several common denominators among tactical pocket knives of this type from other leading brands. Cold Steel decided to make this item unique and different from all the rest and done so by adding exciting features to it. They made use of the AUS-8A stainless steel for the blade and applied quenching and advanced heat treatment to enhance its qualities. But I think even though this may not be the best material there is, it is more than adequate when it comes to satisfying the consumer needs. And another important thing is that it still is good for its particular price point. There is a recent update for this, although needs confirmatory research first, there are plans to make use of superior CTS-XHP steel for their blades in the near future.

One commendable thing about the blade of the Recon 1 from Cold Steel is that I have not heard of any instance where it buckled under normal conditions. When using this knife, you have no worries that it will slip off of your hand. It comes with a G-10 laminate scales to help improve its stability when being used. But during a mock knife-combat, I can't vouch that is indeed effective since I am not able to test it that far yet.

As a Recon 1 fanatic, I found that durable, heat-treated fasteners and mechanical-spacers have something to do with giving you a solid feel of the knife. I have been using my Recon 1 for some time now, and up to this day I have not seen it degrading in quality, and there is no single clue of slippage or loosening of any of its parts.

My Recon 1 knife has two interesting features that personally like, first the blade has a black Tuff-Ex finish and second, it comes with a Tri-Ad locking system. If you are familiar with the Tri-Ad system, it is rooting from the standard locking systems of other folding knives. What makes it special though is its stop-pin device, which is responsible for redistributing the force. Cold Steel people assert that this makes locking failure almost impossible.


vathan Feb 27

incorporating the Online Income System internet into their daily business lives. This has had tremendous positive implications in the global trade market. With increased connectivity, large numbers of men and materials are easily handled by the new age managers. The banking sector is no different with people these days being aware of the best suited deals for their businesses. Offshore banking has had a huge fillip with even the common man being made aware of the numerous advantages one enjoys if he or she maintains a private offshore account.

Offshore savings firstly give the account holder a sense of security because of the private nature of these holdings. Only the bank and its trusted officials would be aware of the bank's clientele. This too would be strictly monitored by a responsible offshore bank due to the obvious sensitive nature of customers identity and their intimate account details.

Savings being an integral part of a hard working citizen's long term plans, every person begins to think about saving assets for a future emergency the minute they begin their career. But with today's economy, investment in risky ventures is at an all time low and the common man is quite wary of making any risky investments whose outcome is anybody's guess. Hence banks are more popular these days due to the stable nature of its returns and a fixed deposit maintained at a reputed private or public bank is given importance.


vathan Feb 27

The average ReGen Hair Regrowth adult has 206 bones  in their body. As you know, our bones are important for many reasons and thus we need to care for them diligently to remain healthy and maintain a quality of life. There are many people who are developing a serious disease called Osteoporosis which increases the risk of fractures, especially of the hip, spine and wrist. Most people who test positive for Osteoporosis are very surprised as they feel fine and look the same as they always did. Yet they've had years of bone loss occurring. Osteoporosis is rising as the generation ages. Of concern is the large number of cases of young women (late teens to mid-twenties) being diagnosed with Osteoporosis (some believe this is linked to consuming large quantities of cola colored sodas over several years), so it is not just a disease of the older population any more. Half of women and a quarter of the men in the population over age 50 will have an Osteoporosis related broken bone in their life time!

Osteoporosis is diagnosed with a simple, painless test and it is recommended that all women have this test at age 65. Visible signs of Osteoporosis can include stooped posture and more than one inch of height loss. Other symptoms can be: backache, easily broken bones and sleeves and hems that used to fit but are now too long.

Some other testing techniques: immune system imbalance or disease - blood; hormone testing - saliva, blood or urine; intestinal permeability - urine; vitamin and mineral analysis - blood and hair; digestive function and microbe/parasite/Candida testing - stool analysis; food and environmental allergies/sensitivity - blood, electro dermal and bone restoration - urine.


vathan Feb 28

Part of the XM attraction is Prosper Wellness CBD  that the company offers music programs, talk shows and interviews subscribers can't find anywhere else. They feature an impressive array of channels: Radio Disney, ESPN Radio, Soul Street, XM Comehttps://dietsheriff.com/prosper-wellness-cbd-review/dy, FOX News, The 60s, Major League Baseball, XM Instant Traffic and Weather, and Nashville! XM offers a total of 160 digital radio channels, 24 hours a day. With digital radio, listeners get CD-quality sound in their cars, at home and at work - just about anywhere.

A special Web site called XMTestDrive.com can help subscribers choose the channels they want and features a comprehensive list of shows, categories of music, and recommendations to suit any taste. XM radio is now expanding its presence. It's currently available through Direct TV, as part of most of their programming packages. Recently, United Airlines added XM to its menu of onboard entertainment offerings. For a limited time, as part of a special promotion, the airline will now offer customers 19 commercial-free XM radio music channels for entertainment during their flights. XM radio has also partnered with General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Volkswagen/Audi to deliver satellite radio service in new cars beginning this year.


vathan Feb 28

Then, BinaryCent   money  becomes a privately-signed yet public transaction chain despite never becoming itself public. For the first time in history, representing an exchange value (as a private key) does not require privatizing its publicly representing object (the corresponding public key). With such a metarepresented money, or metamoney, a public abstraction (a public key) can represent an exchange value (that of a private key) without ever becoming itself private -- which makes its privatized control by any public authority not only unnecessary, but also impossible.

Indeed, publicly expropriating money, whether by selling, buying, creating, or destroying it, requires privately controlling its publicly representing object, which then must be concrete. On the contrary, abstractly representing that money prevents all privately public authorities from having any control of its representing object, then from necessarily expropriating an increasing fraction of its exchange value. While conversely, to avoid this privately public, hence increasingly expropriating control, each object representing money must be abstract -- like a public key.

Finally, to be centralized -- in a government or central bank -- a public monetary authority must privately control what represents money, which then must be a concrete object. While conversely, to control an abstract representation of that money, this public authority must become decentralized -- in a metamonetary system, like Bitcoin.


vathan Mar 1

Hedging Speculative FinTech Mining  Positions - Foreign currency traders utilize foreign exchange hedging to protect open positions against adverse moves in foreign exchange rates, and placing a foreign exchange hedge can help to manage foreign exchange rate risk. Speculative positions can be hedged via a number of foreign exchange hedging vehicles that can be used either alone or in combination to create entirely new foreign exchange hedging strategies.

International commerce has rapidly increased as the internet has provided a new and more transparent marketplace for individuals and entities alike to conduct international business and trading activities. Significant changes in the international economic and political landscape have led to uncertainty regarding the direction of foreign exchange rates. This uncertainty leads to volatility and the need for an effective vehicle to hedge foreign exchange rate risk and/or interest rate changes while, at the same time, effectively ensuring a future financial position.Each entity and/or individual that has exposure to foreign exchange rate risk will have specific foreign exchange hedging needs and this website can not possibly cover every existing foreign exchange hedging situation. Therefore, we will cover the more common reasons that a foreign exchange hedge is placed and show you how to properly hedge foreign exchange rate risk.


vathan Mar 1

The largest organ in the Regen Regrowth  body  and our primary defensive shell against our polluted environment is the skin. One of its functions is to remove toxins through sweating. This is why saunas are traditionally used to detox. Skin health is supported with for example, red/green/yellow fruit/vegetables, Cabbage, Carrots, Flax and Pumpkin seeds, Camomile, Gingko Biloba and Evening Primrose oil.

During and after a detox there will always be some side effects. The strength of these will depend on your level of toxicity and the strength of the detox you choose to use. There are many ways to vary the strength by changing the length of the detox, what you eat (fasting is the strongest form) and taking detox supplements. The side effects may be uncomfortable in the short term but when you feel the benefits afterwards it will be well worth it!In the week running up to the detox there are a few things that you can do to make it more enjoyable and less stressful. Mental preparation includes setting aside the time for your detox as a break from all of your normal routines and making sure that you have a clear idea of your motivation to detox. It is important for you and your family to be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster of mixed feelings, caused by the detox. If possible, you may want to arrange to be alone for the first few days of a strong detox and in any case be prepared for family and friends scepticism. Just remember that when they see the results they will want to detox too!

In terms of physical preparation you may like to consider the following suggestions: pamper yourself with massage, steam treatments and saunas. Reduce your intake of addictive substances such as nicotine, caffeine, chocolate, sugar and alcohol. Alter your diet to reduce your intake of meat, fish and dairy products. As special treats during the detox, buy some good reading material and/or films, aromatherapy candles, lavender oil and essential oils for the bath. Finally there will be a list of special foods, drinks and supplements to be bought for the detox!


vathan Mar 2

Therapies for chronic  Arctic Blast  LBP not showing high quality evidence for improving pain intensity, functional status, global improvement and return to work include lumbar supports, traction, superficial heat and cold, ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, low level laser therapy, muscle energy techniques, spinal manipulation techniques and chiropractic treatments.In acute and chronic LBP, massage improves pain and function only short-term. Direct manual/mechanical stimulation mobilizes superficial muscles but deep massage can produce pain as an adverse event. DTPS accurately focalizes stimulation to MTrPs with DS and has minimal tendency to cause post-treatment pain which can be resolved with longer/more treatment sessions.

In neuropathic conditions, in hypertensive patients, and the elderly with significant tightness and stiffness, it is necessary that DTPS be applied essentially pain-free using only stimulation parameters that the patient can tolerate and settling for Grade1-2 twitches. The probe must be lifted off the skin every 2-4 twitches so that the stimulus on the non-twitching/poor twitching muscle does not undergo repetitive sub-threshold stimulation leading to spasm and pain during and after treatment. Patients may tolerate pain during treatment thinking erroneously that enduring strong stimulation will obtain larger twitches. Contrarily, pain-induced involuntary tightening of muscles during DTPS will inhibit deep penetration of electricity into the tissues causing pain during and after treatment. The clinician must watch patients' facial expressions and listen for sighs/moans or objective physical distress signs related to increased sympathetic tone such as pilomotor, vasomotor and sudomotor reflexes and reduce stimulation strength accordingly.

Blood pressure and pulse rate reduction have been noted after pain relieving massage attributable to increased parasympathetic tone and sympathetic tone inhibition. Regular exercise in older active individuals lowers both SBP and PP compared to sedentary counterparts. Similarly regular DTPS sessions are useful aerobic exercises that reduce blood pressure and pulse proportional to twitch force.


vathan Mar 2

In ancient China   Derma Correct Skin Tag Removal  green tea was used as a beverage and also as a method of traditional medicine. Its uses included everything from controlling bleeding, wound care, body temperature regulation, blood sugar and better digestion.Green Tea has migrated into western civilization and has increased in popularity over the last few decades. So popular that scientists are tirelessly working on discovering if the medicinal claims are fact or fiction. What the research has uncovered is amazing! Green tea contains catechin polyphenols particularly EGCG (epigallocatechin) which are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are important because they stave off free radicals in the body.Today, most people take the greatest care in their health. No matter if you are involved in sport or not, physical fitness is priority. Furthermore, with deadly disease becoming threat to life more than ever before many have choose good health and fitness above everything else.

What actually is being fit? It is the ability of the body to endure pain or not feel pain or discomfort whenever it is engaged in physical activities. There is actually five main areas in which fitness can be measured. They are :Performing physical activities that requires aerobic endurance such as running, kayaking and aerobics workout is one kind of measurement and this will show how the heart reacts to it as well as supplying oxygen to the body.


vathan Mar 4

The most important aspect  Mass Extreme of the nutrition of personal training routines is protein, but carbohydrates and fats are important, as well. Unlike every fad diet would have you believe, none of these important nutrients are evil, and none of them are the end-all, be-all of food. You have to figure out a nutritional program that allows you to pack on muscle optimally, and that utilizes all three of these sources.If you're at all interested in good health, getting plenty of sleep should already be a no-brainer to you. What you might not know, however, is that sleep is one of the most essential aspects of muscle growth. In case you haven't already figured it out - you do NOT grow when you are in the gym.

In fact, weight training tears down your muscle fibers, creating the need for repair and recovery. The key to growth is to provide the stimulus with the weight training aspect of personal training routines, use your nutritional regimen to supply the necessary energy, and use sleep to provide the optimal hormonal environment for maximum muscle growth.High intensity interval training (HIIT) is an incredible way to burn fat without losing muscle mass, as is common in almost all aerobic activities. HIIT, in fact, can help you build muscle up and improve your overall level of conditioning in a relatively short period of time, as compared to traditional cardio workouts.HIIT is highly misunderstood, however. For example, there are many who hold firm to the belief that they must maintain a consistent level of output for an extended workout duration to burn a maximum amount of fat. And this is true, but inaccurate.

The factual part of this belief is that the longer you perform an aerobic activity, the more calories you will burn. Actually, your body will gain roughly 50 percent of its energy for this workout from your fat stores. Not considered, however, is that these long sessions also force the body into a catabolic state, where it will begin to eat its own muscle tissue for energy. So the end result is weight loss consisting of both fat and muscle. Good, but not ideal.


vathan Mar 4

So, why did Jordin progress How to Write a Book   so much? Why did she become the 2007 American Idol and not Blake Lewis, Lakisha Jones or Melinda Doolittle?Note: As well as throttling back on the out of control unsustainable greed driven Global Economy and demoting those in the euphoric money making driving seat. Who are underwriting its contagious delusion to fuel their self-esteem and idea of progress...as well as their share portfolio, bank balance and big house on the hill. Also called success, achievement, winning and conquering in the instinctual power & control primordial affairs of 'got it wrong' human beings on the megalomania & stretched ego blink. Who have ended up on analogous St Peter's finger pointing list in the overcrowded detention room in boot camp because of it.

A related delusional matter and finger-point in question: About the power & greed driven exploited manipulated monopolized Market Place. Example: Over the top Soft Drink & Alcohol Manufacturers - Fast Food Empires - Electronic Gizmo Brigades and other out of control high tech polluting Corporations. No names at this stage...but you will know who you are, i.e. the Multinational Monopolizing Giants and their partners in delusion. Namely, the image creating Marketing/Advertising Agencies brainwashing the consumer and the minds of our children with impunity - double ugh! The detention room directive, is to stay out of third world Nations with your entrepreneurial self-serving profit driven contribution to so-called progress & happiness on this Planet. Therefore over the top saturated advertising and the proliferation of consumer goods and their toxic polluting polystyrene & plastic packaging, littered around the World in plague proportions on the land in the oceans and in the food chain.

As an authority on the subject, i.e. picking them up? Alf must confess after extensive examination and study over many years, that they do not propagate or germinate where they have been planted by thoughtless human hands. That means those consumer goods & their packaging are infertile and barren, as we and the rest of life on this shared Planet will become if we keep it up. That means they are not productive seeds because they are synthetic and un-biological...like we are fast becoming as human beings. Thanks to blind science that created the synthetic polluting toxic problem and big greedy corporate business that has cashed in on it. Those unproductive infertile seeds are not required in poor Nations, what they need are real productive seeds and not synthetic chemical polluting weeds and greed to fuel their economy. It is also time for a lot more recycling on this consumer trashed Planet. To then create lasting employment and conservation of diminishing resources...that are not limitless, but very precious to future generations.


vathan Mar 4

I have the results written on each  Personal Success Made Simple  race so I can quickly scan them and notice trends and other interesting facts that help me to keep changing my game for the better. However you do it, keep a record and refer to it at least once a week.Did you recognize that shyness are few things that you are not born with? Accept this for a second. Babies are not shy in any respect. They do not seem to be shy when they are hungry, would like changing, or simply wish some affection. Therefore Shyness are a few things that you just learned over the course of your time not something you were born with. This can be the primary lesson you wish to be told on a way to overcome shyness.

Now that you just notice that you are not born shy, successive step is to easily create a call. Decide that you are going to be told a way to overcome shyness. Decide that this can be your life and you're now not planning to be a slave to one thing that is a learned concern.Making the choice to alter is essential on a way to overcome shyness. Now, you will be saying to yourself, "Yeah right. That sounds smart; however I have been shy for years!" If you are thinking this manner, I need you raise yourself this one question: What is being shy ever in serious trouble me?

Shyness, however, isn't a life-long trait. Like every alternative social behaviour, this may be eliminated. Some folks are fine being shy, though. They're pretty comfy having a shy temperament. However there are people who desperately wish to interrupt out from their shell, however don't have the slightest plan on what to try and do. Shyness, of course, prevents one from revealing one's true temperament. Also, there are people who are thought of as stuck-up or rude attributable to their shyness.Shy folks will actually overcome their tendency to be inhibited when interacting with others folks or when participating in an exceedingly social scenario. Shy people, moreover, are able to do their highest potential if they'll do what they need been intending to do for thus long. There are solutions on a way to overcome shyness. Some even ask for skilled facilitate, however if you wish to try and do it on your own here are some solutions:


vathan Mar 5

High clinical standards ProBioslim  being strictly  adhered for all these pre-surgical steps makes it possible for doctors and surgeons to make informed decisions and accurate diagnosis for a patient's weight problem and to educate them about the best surgical option available to them, within a specific budget and timeline.Many people may be overly concerned about their appearance and thus aspire to improve on certain body parts but others with excess weigh issues to deal with may actually opt for total body sculpting and weight loss. Weight loss surgery is best considered for the latter case scenario rather than simply cosmetic reasons as it helps people lead longer, healthier more fulfilled ones instead of simply more body/beauty conscious ones.

Thus, people considering weight loss surgery would do well to analyze their true health situation, research the process recommended for them, consult an experienced and qualified bariatric surgeon after getting the nod from their family physician as to the pros and cons of weight loss surgery for themselves.What is the best diet for weight loss? If you search online and browse in bookstores, you'll find hundreds of them. But you have to be wary. A lot of them look attractive, but they might not be the healthiest option for you. There are many weight loss diet plans that tend to overcomplicate your eating and weight loss habits, too! What then is the best diet for weight loss that you should follow?First thing to consider is to apply the combination of eating healthy and at the same time curtailing your fat and sugar intake. More importantly, you should be physically active. An effective exercise routine should be part of your weight loss plan.

If you've been inclined on eating sugary and fatty junk foods and have limited physical activity, you basically need a change of lifestyle so that you will lose weight. Not that you have to do it drastically. Healthy weight loss needs you to adjust your healthy eating plan gradually. If you force and do it abruptly, dieting could be hard on your body. Likewise don't be too keen to overwhelm your body with heavy exercises at the beginning. Don't be so hasty in running a marathon if you've had zero exercise in the first place. In your diet and exercise plan to lose weight, take time to commence with it one baby step to the next at a time.


vathan Mar 5

You will also share with  Midsection Meltdown Protocol them your ultimate goals and the time frames you want to achieve them in thereby giving them the whole picture. Finally, you enlist their support by telling them that you want them to help keep you on track and be hard on you (but positively) when your actions differ from your words.Point to mention here. "Tough Love" is very important and sometimes those in your support network will tell you things you know inside are right yet you don't feel like hearing. Remember not to take offence and get all bent out of shape when this happens. You KNOW it is what you need to hear and as long as it is said positively you should listen, grumble to yourself and then get back on track. Certainly do not lash out at the person giving you the Tough Love as they are doing exactly what you asked them to and will ultimately be helping you!
On the flip side of this, there is nothing better than sharing success with others so be sure to include your support people in celebration or recognition of the good results you have achieved and their contribution to it. This will also make them feel better and drive them further to keep you going.
When choosing your support network be careful and really think about it as the wrong choices can actually have a negative effect. It is a sad but true part of our human nature where sometimes we hurt the ones we care about the most. None of us likes to be left behind especially in areas such as health and fitness and unfortunately some people who think they mean well can actually be quite harmful, hurtful and can sabotage your efforts without even meaning to.What you want from your people is good, well meaning support and advice. People that have your best interests at heart, truly want you to succeed and will positively guide you while steering you back on course as well as people that will be excited and happy for you when you can both share great results.


vathan Mar 5

We believe there is a lot of  The Faith Diet confusion out there when it comes to nutrition and weight loss.There are many myths out there that we hope to debunk. Some of the misconception derives from out of date research, some from dubious marketing claims and some well we can only assume they are old wives tales!The overarching principle we will hang this article of, and if you take one thing away, take this, is just because a food is 'nutritious' or 'healthy' it doesn't necessarily mean it is great for weight loss.

Take fruit. Fruit is healthy right? Yes. Yes because they are packed with various vitamins. Are they good for weight loss? No. To put it simply, fruits contain a lot of sugar (fructose). The sugar that isn't needed for energy gets stored as fat. Not good. We are not discouraging eating fruit. Far from it in fact, it's very good for your health, but eating several pieces a day or drinking lots of fruit smoothies, thinking you are being good and helping weight loss is simply wrong.

What about cereal? Everyone knows cereal is good for you. Except most of it isn't. The waters get a little murkier here. So called diet cereals are about as nutritious as eating a sock. But they are low calorie so good for dieting right? Sort of. Low calorie means you are not consuming high volumes of calories, however, they will not keep you full for very long. A much better alternative would be something containing protein, which keeps you feeling full for longer.


vathan Mar 6

Treating others as we want to 15 Minute Manifestation  be treated, saying hi to someone who seems to be lonely, and holding the door for an elder, smiling at a stranger in passing, for starters. On a personal note, we should utilize the discoveries of these times that enhance natural beauty through natural healing methods to take care of internal health. Put our health first, feeling good within, radiates outward, and creates an atmosphere of happiness.To sum up this confession, self-acceptance is beauty. You are glamorous when you see yourself as glamorous, when you carry yourself in a glamorous light. To hear Lupita Nyong'o story allows us all the chance to look within, and relate to our perception of ourselves, it's about knowing that because you are, literally, just because you are, makes you and everyone around you beautiful in his or her own way.

"It is as if evolution has built a safety device in our nervous system that allows us to experience full happiness only when we are living at 100% - when we are fully using the physical and mental equipment we have been given." ~Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiAre you living at 100%? Physically, mentally, spiritually, persuasively? The search for meaning and fulfillment and happiness are within all of us and yet out of reach for many. Why? Why do some people struggle with money, relationships, weight issues, and lack of motivation while others breeze through life with their paths laid out before them, living up to their full potential? I happen to believe that this is partially a result of a disconnect with our other-than-conscious selves. When we engage our other-than-conscious, phenomenal things can happen.


vathan Mar 6

Historically athletes have Vert Shock   been taught to stretch prior to participating in exercise or athletic events. The old theory was that stretching helped to warm up and elasticize the muscles in preparation for the stresses that will be placed on them during sports activities so that the athlete would not "pull" them.Recent studies have shown that there are detrimental effects on performance and increased risk of injury due to stretching prior to strenuous exercise or athletic events. These include the reduction of power due to the activation of proprioceptive reflex response, which causes the muscles to relax, and the risk of overstretching which may cause micro-tears in the muscles, strain tendons and ligaments and/or otherwise fatigue the muscles. Another problem is incomplete stretching, or uneven stretching where some muscles are missed or inadequately stretched during the stretching routine. Further, exerting force on muscles in more or less relaxed states increases the likelihood that they will not react in unison and increase the potential for muscle pulls, strains, and tears. You should never stretch cold muscles, and most reputable experts now recommend static stretching only after exercise, not before.


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