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More strongly Maplestory M Mesos was


More strongly Maplestory M Mesos was that there needs to be faster and more severe punishment for these players that its no logical that they continue to get lenient activity for constant breaking of their ToS And when GMs had tools to capture these offline off hackers that are rank this would be an issue to start withThen you can take up that with


everybody who wanted it A number of them are still about the forumsThe reason I mention this specifically is because how it is being used is not how it ought to be Whispering someone to make certain they are not botting and to see if theyre at the computer is a fantastic thing but if thats the only thing taken to check whether a person


is botting or hacking what happens if that individual is there in the computer to respond If they cant locate the person in order that they just whisper them to inquire if they are available how does that really prove their legitimacy unless they actually GO to their map they dont happen to have an autoCC and can observe them hacking


at the fleshAre you considering that the GMs arent in a map when they are whispering You do understand GMs can turn invisible right Its not like theyre whispering some guy in Blackgate while theyre chilling in something or Heneseys Its another instance of the Maplestory M Mesos for sale community abusing it and takingMapleStory New Approaches 

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