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I don't believe in taking RuneScape gold away

I don't believe in taking RuneScape gold away things that reduced the skill ceiling unless it is overpowered, such as Planted Feet (which can be barely any ability while providing you a huge buff) and Spellbook Swap (which does move too far in making Magic too versatile). And there will always be a few scapegoat for people not getting into PvM. It was group articles and elitism. In 2017 onwards it's switches. In any situation, it is some boogeyman debate. Sooner or later, deal with this and these people today will need to locate a solution themselves.

Because people cant be bothered to find out anything out their comfort zone so they come here and begin whining like a bitch if they cant do something others may, regardless of what about its own whatever the hot issue is at the moment. I dont get why folks think removing each and every thing that needs some sort of attempt to pull off will make combat better. No change in RuneScape sport is NEEDED to get kills anyhow. Im willing to bet alot of these people dont even utilize keybinds, which is probably the most important part of enhancing, and in that case identification suggest make a good keybind setup and get familiar with them.

Switches back worked differently than today. I stopped before Kiln so I can't talk on it firsthand but in Fight temples, we had switches (range for main combat, Guthans to heal up) but it was not like in the middle of battling Jad you are flicking between 3 distinct styles. For things like Corp, we'd BGS (or some folks attracted SWH god bless you) at which you'd spec but instantly switch to Z spear. Tanking wise we had a soul protector + leaf blade but that was not like today where we would have a sunshine rotation and in the next 15 seconds you'd be making a crap ton of switches (say at aod you'd pf switch, Sunshine, adren bud, 2x thresh, change to buy old school rs gold flank, etc, etc or hell at Solak basically switch an entire style midfight with basically 15 of your inventories devoted to switches.
Created: Mar 25 · Admin: Rskingdom