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6 keys to an influencer marketing strategy for startups

One of the main problems of startups or SMEs is that they tend to work with tight or very limited budgets. This, together with the need for these new companies to accelerate the degree of knowledge among their target audience, makes considering influencer marketing a good option.

The marketing of influencers is an industry that is causing a huge impact and, therefore, small businesses arise if they can afford to carry out such a strategy. Although they may not be able to collaborate with influencers with more followers or better known, as the cost will be too high, they can do it with micro influencers.

In fact, a strategy with micro influencers can be even more effective than a macro. It is about doing a search and analyzing where is the target audience you want to reach and who they follow on social networks . If you don't know where to start, programs like IEBS's Postgraduate Course in Professional Influencer will help you do so.

Influencer marketing strategy for startup step by step

Define the target audience

Influencers are people who have a large number of followers on social networks. Your primary business role is to make product recommendations , and you have the ability to influence the purchasing choices of those who follow you.

To do this, startups seeking a collaboration with them must, first of all, be clear that the message must directly impact their target audience. Therefore, it is essential to have it well defined, where they live, what they like, their behavior on the internet, the social norms they respect, etc. The more we know about them, the better results we will get.

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Once done, it is time to look for those influencers who share a target audience similar to the brand . When you have located them, evaluate them. Make sure they share the same values ​​as the company. In the case of not finding an influencer with whom you share an audience, it does not matter how many followers you have, change your strategy. Of course, before starting anything, ask for references and real results.

Go to the micro influencers

As we have discussed previously, influencers can be categorized according to the number of followers they have. This usually translates directly into the fees they charge. Taking into account that the budget of startups and SMEs is usually not very high, they should target micro-influencers. Micro influencers are those who have between 2,000 and 10,000 followers. It is important to know that fewer followers does not have to mean less impact. If it is chosen well it can be even better.

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The difference of macro influencers with hundreds of followers is that micro influencers have more time to interact with their followers and build closer relationships. In other words, they create their own family with whom they communicate openly and directly, thus gaining their trust, and trust translates into impact.

Be original

We are tired of seeing sponsorships and payments. An influencer who abuses this is losing credibility. For this reason, within the marketing efforts of a startup it is important to think about offering original and subtle content. Audiences want to see something realistic, personal, and stories in which they feel represented.

To break with the typical sponsorship in networks, you can do interviews with influential people that can be published in the different channels of the company. Also live interviews, recorded conversations, written questions and answers, etc. This type of action makes the audience feel that they are part of a real conversation in which the influencer talks about their professional success and establishes a connection with the brand.

Pay according to results

Studies have found that around 80% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is a good investment. Therefore, when you are going to collaborate with an influencer you must reach a mutual agreement. One of the best ways to protect the interests of your startup is to agree on a payment system based on the results obtained.

That is, instead of paying the influencer per post, do it based on the number of people who, for example, clicked on the link they posted . These types of contracts have more benefits. Between them, the influencer will work much harder to publicize the brand and achieve better results.

Economic actions

In addition to the typical actions with influencers, there are others that are less common but that work well and are usually cheaper if you do not have the necessary budget. For example, asking guest bloggers to post to your website or make a mention exchange.

Blogging is a fundamental building block in digital marketing and you can use it to drive success. Guest blogging increases brand awareness by expanding your audience, credibility by aligning with someone they trust, and also attracts other micro-influencers.

On the other hand, and like the brand, bloggers and micro-influencers also need support to continue growing on social networks. That's why a mention exchange deal is usually free. It is about mentioning the influencer in your publications or social networks and they do the same for you. It is a simple way to publicize the brand and exchange followers.

Send product for free

Another very common strategy is to send them a free product sample to try and judge for themselves if they like it or not and recommend it convincingly. Influencers must take care of their credibility, so if they start promoting and mentioning all the brands that propose collaborations, their followers will stop trusting them. 

In many cases, the influencer has become hooked on the product and started using it regularly.


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