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Dismissal from the university: reasons and procedure

For students, the process of expulsion from an educational institution is not the most pleasant experience. As a rule, many do not understand how this procedure works, how long it can take and why the university administration may decide to expel. We at EssayAssistant decided to explain why and how this happens.

Reasons for expulsion from the university

The federal law " On Education " establishes three reasons why educational relations are terminated early (that is, before the completion of education and obtaining a diploma):

? at the student's own request or, if he is a minor, his parents (legal representatives);

? at the initiative of the university;

? in case of liquidation of the institution or other exceptional cases.


As a rule, students decide to drop out if they move, transfer to another university or are unable to continue their studies for health reasons.


The university may initiate the expulsion process for disrespectful reasons. These include:

academic failure If a student has three or more academic debts (unsuccessfully passed exams, credits, coursework and practice) and the deadlines for their liquidation are missed, then he becomes an applicant for expulsion from the educational institution. Of course, this problem can be avoided if you know who to contact. There are many good resources on the Internet that can help you solve your debt problems. It does not matter with what and in what subjects - there will always be specialists. Even if you need to do the marketing job 

non-payment Students in the paid department should carefully study the contract, which specifies the terms of payment for tuition. The university administration can expel even an excellent student who has violated the terms of the contract. But, as a rule, many institutions can make a small indulgence if the dean's office is notified in advance about the delay in payment. 

omissions Also, the reason for expulsion can be systematic absenteeism. There is no direct indication in US law of such a reason for the termination of educational relations, but in the statutes of many educational institutions there is a clause that limits the number of absences without a good reason. 

other reasons A student can also be expelled in case of violation of the charter of the university, internal regulations, failure to appear for an exam without a valid reason, untimely exit from academic leave. They can also be expelled during imprisonment or deportation from the country. 

Deduction procedure

According to the article of the federal law "On Education", a student cannot be expelled during illness, vacation or academic leave, and expulsion, even at the initiative of the university, does not bear any additional obligations for a former student.

For expulsion at their own request, the student must write an application according to the sample established in the university. The rector's review will take approximately 10 days. 

To transfer to another university, you will need a certificate of academic performance. It will list all the subjects that the student studied, the number of hours and modules, as well as the grades for them. 

The university administration, which has decided to expel a student, will have to comply with the strict procedure established by law. First of all, the dean's office must receive an explanatory note from the student. If he refuses or is unable to explain the reason for academic debt or absenteeism, the head of the faculty or other department of the university sends a proposal to the administration of the expulsion. Within three days, the rector examines it, signs it and sends it to the student personnel department, where the expulsion order is issued.

After issuing the order, the former student must fill out a detour sheet in the library and dormitory. Then he is given a school certificate and, upon request, an academic certificate with a list of subjects.

The student always has the opportunity to recover with the preservation of a budgetary place, if there are vacancies at the university. If the student returns and he again has to deal with possible reasons for expulsion, such as academic failure, then he can always turn to professionals for help, who will draw up a diploma and write a biography ...


We are glad that we were able to explain in detail how and why they are expelled from educational institutions.


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