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NAMAS MIYO South no show Shanghai Fashion Week ..

NAMAS MIYO South no show Shanghai Fashion Week released autumn and winter new series NAMAS MIYO in Xshowroom static show area Recently cheap nike running shoes, China's independent design brand NAMAS MIYO South no strong appearance Shanghai Fashion Week, released a new series of autumn and winter 'Beyond the Clouds', by the famous Paris fashion manager YUYU recommended. Following the 2016 NAMAS MIYO South no independent designer brand SS2016 spring and summer series after the heat, the South did not launch in Shanghai Fashion Week 2016 autumn and winter new series, the continuation of extraordinary vulgar temperament 'cold sense of aesthetics' to advanced cutting materials and chic extraordinary design to open China 's fashionable new 'ideas'. Designer MIYO summer sunflowers and models show AW2016 photo In recent years, the domestic independent design bare hands hot, known as the world's fifth largest fashion week Shanghai Fashion Week is in full swing in April nike air max 2017. During the period, the most worth a visit is the major Showroom, from the fashion week official showroom MODE SHANGHAI to the old time and Ontime nike air max clearance, as well as more screening Xshowroom, are all fun and interesting original independent design brand. Fashion buyers and people from home and abroad gathered to witness the vigorous development of China's independent design industry, and the original design of China's international voice, in addition to the previously well-known Ban Xiao Xue, THREE FLOOR, Uma Wang, which new rise Independent designer brand NAMAS MIYO South no concern. Fashion bloggers YUYU wearing NAMAS MIYO AW2016 Street shot this time Shanghai Fashion Week official invitation with many fans of the famous Paris fashion bloggers, IT Girl YUYU came to Mode Shanghai, tap the domestic fun new design. Senior fashion bloggers, fashion skill deep YUYU phase phase NAMAS MIYO South no 2016 autumn and winter series of three-dimensional lotus leaf design sense of perspective and 2016 fashion color Makar Long powder geometric structure profile coat, immediately wear body. 2016 autumn and winter to cloud as a source of inspiration, Yun Yi dress selection of classic cream white to create fashion simple LOOK, overseas imports of cashmere material soft skin, wave lace embellishment simple skirt, fashionable in the playful, make people shines! Full of luxury texture and immortal fashion spirit. NAMAS MIYO AW2016 series NAMAS MIYO South no 2016 autumn and winter series inspired by the clouds nike air max 90, the series theme for the Beyond the Clouds, the continuation of black and white cold sense of elegance, mixed with the usual favorite aesthetics, personality profile and smooth lines hit a different kind of Sparks, the new fabric material to play the mix of high quality texture. NAMAS MIYO South no autumn and winter clothing adhere to the senior tailor craftsmen handmade to complete, Smart and smooth lines and warm and comfortable high-quality cashmere wool texture complement each other, and neatly set the legislation, fine and skilled sewing skills and advanced fabric fusion, fashionable, Advanced, texture stand. Designer MIYO summer sunflower and model display AW2016 photo as a domestic independent design brand, NAMAS MIYO South does not adhere to a fashionable cold sense of aesthetics. To promote the real worthy of inheritance, can withstand the elegant spirit of time. Today, NAMAS MIYO is proud to be the last 'poet who lacks social skills' to rely on self to capture and retain the fashion culture that is going to die. Brand designer and director MIYO (summer sunflower) at the scene to accept the STYLE TV and fashion week official media interviews, before as the spokesman for the AUDI in the major mainstream magazines topped the home page of the beautiful designer MIYO and her Fashion works South is not a young Chinese style cheap nike air max 90. Since the 2016 spring and summer series 'PRIMAL PRESENT / original gift' since the introduction, NAMAS MIYO South has not been a wide range of attention and love. Spring and summer series from the 'gift' and 'now' starting, by the color of the speaker, to line narrative, meticulous description of the clothing and fashion between the clever links, live in the moment, to please themselves, adhere to a South-style cold aesthetics The NAMAS MIYO SS2016 series About NAMAS MIYO South No NAMAS MIYO South independent designer brand was established in Shanghai in 2014, has launched four clothing series, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other professional brand collection of high-end buyers store sale, brand official website, cloud clothing series of more exciting information available in the brand official customer service micro-signal NAMAS-MIYO access.
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