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Best 5 Free Webinar Platforms

With the help of web conferencing, you can reach a large number of audience, whether it is a twenty five person meeting or 2500 person webinar. While the more well-known platforms are software oriented, there are plenty of browser based platforms that provide special features and cheapness. If you are a person or a small business owner finding to execute webinar solutions, here is a list of free webinar platforms availed by a large number of people.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

Using ezTalks Cloud Meeting, you will be able to host free webinars and online meetings with different people in various locations like when you were discussing with each other directly. It gives a free plan that facilitates about a hundred participants at the same webinar at the same time. There is no registrations needed to attend a webinar.

Its free webinar platform also has amazing features like content and screen sharing, co-annotation and creative whiteboard, private chat, cross-platform group chat and so on. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is one of the best free webinar platforms which is beneficial for a large number of organizations.

2. AnyMeeting

This webinar platform for free works an advertiser oriented model to maintain the webinar service free. It is a browser based and has screen sharing, session recording and live polling. It supports application and screen sharing with messaging, polling support and VoIP. You can record the webinars. Easy social media integration lets you share the recorded programs on various social networks. It is easy and simple to use. It helps host webinarswithout any problem and cut costs to travel to different countries to attend a meeting.

3. Mikogo

Are you looking for an easy to avail online free webinar platform for online conferences and web presentations? Mikogo is a right choice. It has complete features to help you in hosting the ideal webinars. You can share any screen application or content in real color quality all over the world with about twenty five attendees at the same time, while sitting in your chair. Attendees can join from a browser. There is no problem of downloading it.

This free webinar platform can be used for plenty of desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferences, web presentations, sales demos, remote support and so on. Avail Mikogo to conduct a meeting and talk about a present team project. You can hold product and sales demonstration for consumers. It offers technical support through remote control.


If you want to conduct a webinar in a hurry, is a good solution you are searching for. It is a light weight webinar platform for free that allows you share audio, video and screen with a large number of users fast. After installing this webinar platform, it allows you to invite people through email with a click. You can even invite people to participate through sending them a link.

After they join, they will view your feed and you can select how you like to start. It offers you the chance to present the webinar with audio and video. It gives you the opportunity to present the screen with one click. There are certain features locked behind amazing features. These include the capability to hand over the presentations to other user, annotation and record.

5. MeetingBurner

MeetingBurner is a free online webinar platform that you would like. If you conduct a small webinar or work at a company where there is no firm sponsored video meeting facility and no budget to purchase accounts, MeetingBurner is the right choice. Basic accounts at this webinar platform are totally free and give the features most users would like to conduct webinars with ease.

You can do webinars with about fifteen participants, avail an integrated meeting bridge, hence the attendees can join, take benefit of screen sharing and presentation and no ads of any type. The service of MeetingBurner is fast and let attendees join the webinar without any complicated downloads or customer installs. It also provides an iPhone app, hence you can join a webinar on the move. Free accounts will be sufficient for most of the people. However, if you required the ability to invite a lot of people, MeetingBurner Pro offers you the features of free, saves the webinars for future references and allow you to upload them to YouTube.


With free webinar platforms, you can easily conduct a webinar perfectly for audiences in several countries and on many continents on the same day without walking out of the office. You can save your time and remove travel cost also. These free webinar platforms reviews enable you to choose the best one for you.

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    Best 5 Free Webinar Platforms
    With the help of web conferencing, you can reach a large number of audience, whether it is a twenty five person meeting or 2500 person webinar. While ...